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Pasta Salade Niçoise

May 25, 2010
Salade Nicoise

My version of "Salade Nicoise"

Many long years ago, my husband and I visited France during the B.C. years (“Before Children”).  One of our stops was the French Riviera and the city of Nice.

Ah, la Côte d’Azur.  Nice, Cannes, Monaco – so many memories. The Matisse Museum, casinos in Monaco (still surprised they let us less-than-pristine backpackers in), stinky train stations,  the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea, and explaining to the hotel owner, en français, how I broke the sink.

Funny, we never did order a Salade Niçoise, the salad named for the French city of Nice.  Perhaps that’s why I’m taking liberties (or libertés) with the traditional recipe. Be sure to see Julia Child’s Salad Niçoise for the real deal.

Pasta Salade Niçoise

Recipe by Striving Bean
Serves 6 to 8

Whoops, I forgot to measure.  Just go with your instincts on this one.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity (and hard to mess up!)


  • Shell shaped pasta
  • 2 small cans salmon (about 7.5 ounce cans), preferably wild caught Alaskan salmon
  • Frozen green beans
  • White beans (if canned, rinsed and drained)
  • Green olives
  • Diced red pepper

Salad dressing ingredients

  • Olive oil
  • Red Wine Vinegar
  • Dijon mustard


  1. Boil the shell shaped pasta.  Drain, cool down with cold water, and set aside.
  2. Whisk the salad dressing ingredients together in a bowl.  Set aside.
  3. Thaw green beans.
  4. Slice green olives in half.
  5. Flake salmon
  6. In a large bowl, add all ingredients except for dressing. Gently mix together.
  7. Add dressing and gently toss.

Our family weighs in:

I was pretty sure this salad wasn’t going to fly with the kids, so I decided to serve the ingredients separately.  Dinner went much smoother this way.  My husband and I loved the complete salad.

Chef’s Notes

  • Try serving on a bed of freshly torn butter lettuce.
  • Try roasted red pepper or finely diced pickles.

And now for some photos de vacances ancienne.  (Old vacation photos.  Sounds much better in French.)

Ice Cream In Nice

Husband with Ice Cream in Nice

French Riviera in the Morning

French Riviera in the Morning

Paris Rain

Rain and Traffic are Much Better in Paris

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