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Striving Bean – Good Food to Feed Your Family.


Pick-Your-Own Strawberries. Saturday afternoon entertainment.

You’re busy, you don’t want to go broke, and you want to feed yourself and your family good food. Me too.

I’m Micaela Vega – a web professional, working mother of 2, writing about bringing healthier food options to my family.

Sometimes my kids like it, sometimes they don’t. I’ll let you know about both. I’m a realist with hope!

With experience and experimentation, I’ve learned creative ways to incorporate healthier choices onto our family’s plates.

We’re not perfect.  Yes – we like our treats!  But we strive to eat well.  And eating well can be a challenge when your time is limited.  Maybe you’re like me and don’t have extra hours on hand to whip up daily banquets – but you don’t want to throw in the towel and feed your family bad-for-you food.

My favorite foods: Healthier grocery store finds, organic, from the garden, and local. And I always have my food budget in mind.

Have you noticed all of my bean recipes? In 2008 I decided to serve more beans to our family.  You can read more about our “Bean Challenge”.

I’m glad you’re here. Sharing information and “making ripples” is something I enjoy. I hope you enjoy reading and become inspired to “Strive Bean” too!

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